Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering

The UPEI Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering is devoted to developing engineers with exceptional design and professional skills combined with a global perspective—engineers who are broadly capable, globally and socially aware, creative, communicative, and entrepreneurial. 

The Faculty offers an undergraduate program and two graduate programs:


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These programs provide students with unprecedented opportunities to gain their degrees via a client-focused, project-based model delivered in an intimate learning environment that is hallmarked by mentoring and collaboration with faculty, industry, and community organizations. 

Meet Elvis Nyong, fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering student

upei student elvis nyong in the tow and wave tank project bay
upei student elvis nyong

His team is working with PEI company and faculty industry partner Aspin Kemp and Associates to complete their fourth-year clinic project.

demonstration of a wave and towing tank at upei
demonstration of a wave and towing tank at upei
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